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 RI1ANV - Antarctica
Fra 24.12.2018 til 15.02.2019, QSL via RN1ON
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Lagt til 12.12.2018 22.11.30
Oppdatert 12.12.2018 22.11.30
 C6A/DD0VR - Bahamas
Fra 21.01.2019 til 02.02.2019, QSL via home call
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Lagt til 12.12.2018 22.07.36
Oppdatert 12.12.2018 22.07.36
 TX0A TX0M - French Polynesia
OC-113 OC-297 Fra 04.12.2018 til 18.12.2018, QSL via see info
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 02.29.15
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 02.29.15
 PJ2/SM4KYN - Curacao
SA-099 Fra 11.12.2018 til 14.01.2019, QSL via HC
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 02.21.24
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 02.21.24
 AU2HAM - India
AS-153 Fra 09.01.2019 til 17.01.2019, QSL via VU2NRO
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 02.16.14
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 02.16.14
 YB9/F5LIT - Indonesia (Bali, OC-022)
OC-022 Fra 27.01.2019 til 06.02.2019, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 02.13.15
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 02.13.15
 W1USN/TI5 AA1M/TI5 - Costa Rica
Fra 02.02.2019 til 13.02.2019, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 01.28.27
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 01.28.27
 DP1POL - Antarctica
Fra 30.11.2018 til 28.02.2019, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 01.25.55
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 01.25.55
 P4/DL6RAI - Aruba
Fra 04.12.2018 til 27.12.2018, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 01.22.36
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 01.22.36
 E44YL - Palestine
Fra 08.12.2018 til 18.12.2018, QSL via IK3GES
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 01.18.06
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 01.18.06
 Z66DH - Kosovo
Fra 10.12.2018 til 22.12.2018, QSL via M0SDV
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Lagt til 09.12.2018 01.04.36
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 01.15.02
 T32NH - Eastern Kiribati
OC-254 Fra 05.12.2018 til 11.12.2018, QSL via JA0JHQ, LotW
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.21.32
Oppdatert 09.12.2018 00.50.15
 C5YK - The Gambia
Fra 28.11.2018 til 09.03.2019, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 21.49.51
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 21.49.51
 PJ7AA - Sint Maarten
NA-105 Fra 02.03.2019 til 30.03.2019, QSL via AA9A
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 21.45.40
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 21.45.40
 PJ7AA - Sint Maarten
NA-105 Fra 17.11.2018 til 08.12.2018, QSL via AA9A
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 21.44.27
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 21.44.27
 P29VCX P29NI - Papua New Guinea
OC-025 OC-153 Fra 31.01.2019 til 11.02.2019, QSL via CL OQRS
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.45.47
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 15.45.47
 FS/W9MK - Saint Martin
NA-105 Fra 28.11.2018 til 08.12.2018, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.33.10
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 15.33.10
 FS/W9ILY - Saint Martin
NA-105 Fra 28.11.2018 til 08.12.2018, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.31.13
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 15.31.13
 H7/RC5A H7/RM0F H7/R4WAA H7/N3QQ YN4RRC - Nicaragua
NA-013 Fra 26.11.2018 til 07.12.2018, QSL via
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.23.46
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 15.28.16
 JD1BPH JI1CRM/JD1 - Ogasawara
AS-031 Fra 22.11.2018 til 07.12.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.16.22
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 15.16.22
 OX3LX - Greenland (Tasiilaq Island, NA-151)
NA-151 Fra 21.11.2018 til 04.12.2018, QSL via OZ0J
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.12.16
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 15.12.16
 V47KA - Saint Kitts and Nevis
NA-104 Fra 11.02.2019 til 25.02.2019, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.08.11
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 15.08.11
 KP3RE - Puerto Rico (Culebra Island, NA-249)
NA-249 Fra 22.02.2019 til 24.02.2019, QSL via LotW, CL OQRS
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 15.02.25
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 15.02.25
 4S7DLG - Sri Lanka
AS-003 Fra 22.11.2018 til 06.12.2018, QSL via DK8ZZ
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 14.58.55
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 14.58.55
 HQ9T/N9EAW - Honduras (Roatan Island, NA-057)
NA-057 Fra 01.12.2018 til 18.12.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 02.12.2018 14.46.28
Oppdatert 02.12.2018 14.46.28
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KH9/N7NVK Wake Island
DXCC Prefix: KH9
IOTA: OC-053
Start Dato: 01.04.2018
Slutt Dato:31.10.2018
QSL via LotW
Kilde 2


07-30-18  19:17  UTC:   Some good propagation into the States and to our brothers in Austrailia yesterday, with some signals peaking at S9...unfortunetly, as quickly as the band opened the noise came back and like a "switch", closed here in the mid-pacific. Since I am not an experienced pile-up operator (yet), I tried to pull what calls I could out of the noise floor and give you the contact. On the plus side, unlike a dxpedition I will be here for a while and should be able to eventually get you in the log. Digital mode (FT8) is working the best, with over 1200 contacts so far.  40m, 30m, and 20m are all working well for FT8. My biggest challenge is keeping my computer time synced, internet has too much of a delay and the progam I use for the gps is a little flakey. I would like to download a different program (as many have suggested) but the internet can't support the download. I will keep an eye on it and tty to keep in sync.

I did get some requests for 40m SSB, I have to make a couple adjustments to my antenna but, I will move to 40m this coming weekend, updates to follow (time and freq). 

For those that sent QSL cards.....I have put the last bundle in the mail and should be current to July 2nd. I am having QSL cards sent from home monthly so your turn-around times should be a little shorter.   

My typical operating schedule during the week is from about 0600 UTC to about 0800 UTC. The weekends I typically operate from about 0400 to about 0800, I do normally have the radio on listening for any openings.   

Reminder that I am +12 UTC.  Email has gotten a little better so I might be able to answer a few more emails.  Again, as of now a "sked" is not possible since I can and do get called away. 

Best of luck to you all and I hope to get everyone in the log.  




I will be on Wake Island (Atoll) for a rotation of 3 months on and 1 month off starting in April 2018. As of now I have not establsiehd what day or time I will be on the air (we are +12 UTC), Once I determine my availability, I will post it here and notify ARRL to be posted in the DX bulletin. I will be using an Elecraft KX3 into some type of verticle....power output will be QRP for now.  I will be working split and please have patience with me as I have not been on the receiving side of a pile-up. I do use LoTW but can only upload when internet is available.....which is limited. 

As of now I do not have QSL cards but I hope to have some on my next rotation. We do have a US Post Office on the island but mail is only delivered every two weeks during resupply.  I hope to work out the logistics and cost for the QSL cards for those that want them. 

DXCC:  Wake Island     Grid:  RK39     ITU Zone: 65      CQ Zone: 31      IOTA: OC-053

Please feel free to email me.


Philip / N7NVK

Picture: Wikipedia

Sjekk DX
Lagt til17.03.2018 11.54.47
Author LA0FA
Sist oppdatert 31.07.2018 09.44.41

Beregnet bølgeutbredelse fra Sør-Norge til KH9, Wake Island , basert på dagens dato, dagens SSN-tall, 100Watt og 3dBi antennegain. Beregningen viser MUF (Maximum Usable Frequency) og LUF (Lowest Usable Frequency) avhengig av tid (UTC) på døgnet. Se graf nedenfor.

Her er resultatet i form av en tabell:


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