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 VK4COF - Australia (Hamilton Island, OC-160)
OC-160 Fra 03.04.2018 til 13.04.2018, QSL via N7RO
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Lagt til 17.03.2018 12.03.57
Oppdatert 17.03.2018 12.03.57
 3W9CI - Vietnam
AS-162 Fra 18.03.2018 til 27.03.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 17.03.2018 12.01.12
Oppdatert 17.03.2018 12.01.12
 C6ADX C6AYL - Bahamas
NA-001 Fra 19.03.2018 til 26.03.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 17.03.2018 11.57.17
Oppdatert 17.03.2018 11.57.17
 KH9/N7NVK - Wake Island
OC-053 Fra 01.04.2018 til 01.07.2018, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 17.03.2018 11.54.47
Oppdatert 17.03.2018 11.54.47
 XU7AKL - Cambodia
Fra 21.03.2018 til 28.03.2018, QSL via BG4HRM, LotW
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Lagt til 17.03.2018 11.51.03
Oppdatert 17.03.2018 11.51.03
 8Q7WK - Maldives
AS-013 Fra 09.03.2018 til 22.03.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 17.03.2018 11.45.42
Oppdatert 17.03.2018 11.45.42
 VE3VSM/HR9 - Honduras
NA-057 Fra 13.03.2018 til 18.03.2018, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 11.03.2018 19.32.42
Oppdatert 11.03.2018 19.32.42
 PJ4/KK9A PJ4R - Bonaire
SA-006 Fra 19.03.2018 til 25.03.2018, QSL via WD9DZV
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Lagt til 11.03.2018 19.23.10
Oppdatert 11.03.2018 19.23.10
 PJ7AA - Sint Maarten
NA-105 Fra 17.11.2018 til 01.12.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 11.03.2018 19.20.41
Oppdatert 11.03.2018 19.20.41
 PJ6/AI5P - Saba and St Eustatius
NA-145 Fra 28.04.2018 til 05.05.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 11.03.2018 19.15.24
Oppdatert 11.03.2018 19.15.24
 FJ/AI5P FJ/N0KV - Saint Barthelemy
NA-146 Fra 19.04.2018 til 27.04.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 11.03.2018 19.12.23
Oppdatert 11.03.2018 19.12.23
 PJ5/AI5P - Saba and St Eustatius
NA-145 Fra 09.04.2018 til 16.04.2018, QSL via AI5P
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Lagt til 11.03.2018 18.59.44
Oppdatert 11.03.2018 19.09.31
 A52AEF A52IVU - Bhutan
Fra 29.04.2018 til 05.05.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 11.03.2018 18.56.13
Oppdatert 11.03.2018 18.56.13
 VK9LI - Lord Howe Island
OC - 004 Fra 11.05.2018 til 18.05.2018, QSL via LotW
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Lagt til 11.03.2018 18.53.07
Oppdatert 11.03.2018 18.53.07
 TJ3TT - Cameroon
Fra 15.03.2018 til 29.03.2018, QSL via See info, LotW
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Lagt til 04.03.2018 10.56.44
Oppdatert 04.03.2018 10.59.36
 H44R - Solomon Islands
OC-168 Fra 22.04.2018 til 25.04.2018, QSL via VE3LYC
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Lagt til 04.03.2018 10.53.12
Oppdatert 04.03.2018 10.53.12
 3W2MAE - Vietnam
Fra 28.02.2018 til 06.03.2018, QSL via DL5MAE
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Lagt til 04.03.2018 10.46.45
Oppdatert 04.03.2018 10.46.45
 VP5P - Turks and Caicos Islands
NA-002 Fra 20.03.2018 til 27.03.2018, QSL via W2TT
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Lagt til 04.03.2018 10.43.18
Oppdatert 04.03.2018 10.43.18
 3C0W - Annobon
AF-039 Fra 28.02.2018 til 27.03.2018, QSL via See Info
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Lagt til 04.03.2018 10.35.44
Oppdatert 04.03.2018 10.36.56
 3C3W - Equatorial Guinea (Bioko Island, AF-010)
AF-010 Fra 28.02.2018 til 27.03.2018, QSL via See info
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Lagt til 04.03.2018 10.32.13
Oppdatert 04.03.2018 10.32.13
 Z2LA - Zimbabwe
Fra 02.03.2018 til 11.03.2018, QSL via See Info
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Lagt til 27.02.2018 21.15.15
Oppdatert 27.02.2018 21.15.15
 4S7IGG - Sri Lanka
AS-003 Fra 01.03.2018 til 05.03.2018, QSL via LZ1PJ
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Lagt til 27.02.2018 21.09.10
Oppdatert 27.02.2018 21.09.10
 6W/DC4CQ - Senegal
Fra 14.04.2018 til 28.04.2018, QSL via HC
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Lagt til 27.02.2018 20.48.01
Oppdatert 27.02.2018 20.48.01
 FP/KV1J - Saint Pierre and Miquelon
NA-032 Fra 03.07.2018 til 17.07.2018, QSL via HC / LotW
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Lagt til 27.02.2018 20.43.58
Oppdatert 27.02.2018 20.43.58
 DP0GVN - Antarctica
AN-016 Fra 15.02.2018 til 15.02.2019, QSL via DL5EBE
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Lagt til 26.02.2018 21.05.52
Oppdatert 26.02.2018 21.05.52
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21.01.2018 23.30.57
 ARRL DXCC Status for LADXG medlemmer pr 21 Januar 2018
LA DXCC status for alle LA-DX-GROUP medlemmer er oppdatert pr 21.Januar 2018. 

07.01.2018 23.44.47
 Medlemskontingent 2018 i LADXG

Godt Nytt År !

Medlemskontingenten er i 2018 kr 350,- derav blir kr 230,- overført til LA DX Fond. Kontonummer for innbetaling av medlemskontingent er 1286 47 04288.

Årsmøte i 2015 besluttet at det fra og med 2016 overføres 2/3 av medlemskontingenten avrundet til nærmest Kr 5,- fast til LA DX Fond.

Årsmøte i 2017 besluttet at årskontingenten i 2018 vil bli kr 350,-.

07.01.2018 22.09.40
 Årsmøte i LA-DX-GROUP 2018 - Save the date !
Også i år arrangerer vi årsmøte med etterfølgende DX foredrag i forbindelse med Norsk Hammeeting. Både årsmøtet og DX foredragene er åpent for alle, men bare de medlemmer av LA-DX-GROUP, som har betalt kontingent for 2018, har stemmerett på årsmøtet.

Årsmøte LADXG - Lørdag 14. April 2018 
kl 10:00 - Letohallen, Eidsvoll.

Etter årsmøtet byr vi på spennende DX relaterte foredrag - herunder om 3Y0Z - Bouvet !

02.01.2018 12.49.45
 Clublog - oppdatering

Message delivered by webinterface from Ragnar,  LA5HE

Recent months I have been working through a checklist to do a big (once every 5 years kind) of upgrade for Club Log's hardware. 

I am currently looking at doing this after the Bouvet expedition (plus a few weeks) so that there is no chance of disrupting their trip, which will use Club Log. That expedition is the top priority of every DXer in the world, so I shall be dedicating my attention to their needs until they are home safe and the logs are all backed up in a hundred places. hi!

After that, I need to pull the Club Log primary hardware out to replace the CPUs, upgrade the memory to 384GB and update the solid state drives which are getting a bit worn out. As part of this, I'll be replacing the NVMe device with a new Intel Optane card. As this will need the hardware to be back in my workshop for a while, I'll temporarily move Club Log onto the Google Compute Cloud.

The GC cloud is (as of mid-December) powering the backups of Club Log, such as its database replica, copies of all the OQRS info etc. so that there is always a second copy. This costs around £400/month and in my view it's worth it. However, moving the primary server into the cloud would run up such a huge bill (probably getting on for £1000/month or more) that it can only be done for a short time (perhaps for example if there was a major failure on the main server). I think this fits the bill for the hardware update I have in mind, though. So, the hope is that I will migrate Club Log onto a high-end (temporary) server in the GC cloud, and then drive over and physically retrieve the switched-off hardware for the upgrades. I have a very good supplier for the exotic parts wanted, which should come to around £5000. A few weeks later I'll be in a position to put everything back onto the updated system and then migrate one more time (off GC and back onto the physical server). A bit fussy but it will avoid buying two servers.

There is bound to be a little bit of stopping and starting involved on each of the two change overs. The main reason is that the database must be kept absolutely pristine and not allowed to differ at any stage of migration, so I will take the safe/sane option of stopping Club Log for the duration of any database switches. I will post status pages explaining when these events occur, but I will also post a schedule of dates ahead of time when I have decided. I'll try and make it extremely clear what is planned, and when.

As ever, these costs are covered by donations, which is amazing to me. It is all I can do to say thank you, one more time, to everyone who helps Club Log. You'll notice the difference when it's done!

vy 73
Michael G7VJR
30.12.2017 14.24.44
 Bouvet - 3Y0Z - Press Release 10
The Bouvet Island DXpedition – 3YØZ 
Press Release # 10 
December 29, 2017 

We recently reached yet another milestone in our quest to activate Bouvet Island. DAP, the Chilean company that owns and operates the M/V Betanzos and the helicopters, has satisfied the last contractual requirements prior to our departure. We submitted to them a “Fit for Purpose” checklist with 120 items as part of our contract. They have satisfied all the checklist items, and we will be transferring almost 1/2 million U.S. dollars to them in the next few days. 

So, we are happy to report that we are on schedule for a January 13, 2018 departure to Bouvet Island, the World’s most isolated island and the number two most wanted DX entity. All team members will meet in Punta Arenas, Chile no later than January 10, 2018. We will attend a one and one-half day marine safety course, purchase last minute supplies and then fly across the Drake Passage to King George Island in the South Shetlands. There, we will board the newly refurbished Chilean vessel M/V Betanzos, and begin our 9 to 11-day voyage to Bouvet. The team feels confident knowing that the ship’s captain and many of the crew have been with the vessel for eight years, and have extensive Southern Ocean experience. The Captain reports he has previously been to Bouvet.
30.12.2017 10.27.25
 Norsk DX-Pedisjon til Zimbabwe - Z2LA

Z2LA blir tydeligvis kallesignalet til den Norske DX -Pedisjonen Rune, LA7THA annonserte under LADXG's julebord i slutten av November. Aktiveringen skal skje i Mars 2018. Vi ser frem til flere detaljer !
23.12.2017 15.36.27
 God Jul !

Vi ønsker alle i LADXG og andre DX interesserte riktig 

Styret i LADXG

22.12.2017 14.16.53
 PJ7/UT6UD expedition

Message delivered by webinterface from Vadym,  UT6UD

I will be active from PJ7 Sint Maarten between December 30, 2017 to January 13, 2018. QRV on 160-17m.The news and updates will be on @Vadym555. Please donate.
19.12.2017 00.21.58
 6O6O - Somalia - Januar 2018

Ken, LA7GIA informs, that together with Adrian, KO8SCA, they will be active as 6O6O from Somalia, 3 - 16 January 2018.

Read entire article  or  LADXG Database

03.12.2017 14.49.26
 LADXG DX Foundation - Support in 2017
LA DX GROUP is actively supporting DX Peditions.
Here the overview over latest donations in 2017:

Ivory Coast, TU7CEUR 100
Temotu, H40GCEUR 250
Bouvet, 3Y0ZUSD 3000
Mellish Reef, VK9MAEUR 300
Annobon/Eq. Guinea, 3C0L/3C1LEUR 200
Baker & Howland, KH1/KH7ZUSD 300
Rotuma, 3D2EUEUR 200
Easter Isl. XR0YDEUR 200
Ducie Island, VP6D USD 300
Somalia, 6O6O USD 300
Artikkel [11] til [20] av totalt [680] Artikkler.
LA DX Fund
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